HeroQuest Barbarian Rescue.

Converted Hero Quest Barbarian
I have not painted anything for over 2 years. Having a baby put an end to glue, paint and sharp things for a while.
Times are changing however and i am getting the time and motivation to start it all up again. My old blogs are long gone, my paint is congealed and for some reason my bits boxes were consolidated into one terrifying mass of random parts.

I wanted to start up again with something straight forward but also a miniature that wasn't part done. I have a few projects sitting that i was working on when i put the brakes on and packed things away but i wont be deluding myself into thinking my brush skill and technique will just continue from where i left off so ive chosen a few "starter" projects to get me back into the swing of things.

My first choice is actually a broken and beat up Hero Quest barbarian. I got him in an Ebay job lot purchase. The previous owner had broken the sword off, hacked away the base and swabbed some paint over him.

Hero Quest minis seem like an easy choice to paint but the miniatures are actually quite a tough ask. They are simple sculpts but that makes life difficult due to soft edges and non committed details such as the hair, faces and transition areas like the arms to chest or where the hair on this model touches the hands and weapon. They require a little creativity to dig out the detail and essentially create detail that isn't actually there if the finished project is to look the part.

OOO a Side View.

The sword i replaced with a flaming upgrade from the Empire Wizards set and the base is a resin cast from Micro Art Studio. Their Temple Battle Base set to be precise.

The paint time was about 5 hours spread over 2 evenings and has been a good start to my re entry to "The Hobby"

Hope you like him.

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